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trying to find the humor in every little thing…so that we can all try and keep our sanity on this giant ball of beauteous and wondrous things. i think we can all agree that every day throws us new challenges…currently each day more confusing and mind boggling than the next. maybe that’s just me. nope. if you’ve made it past the first sentence then you have some idea of what i’m referring to. i call this ‘on the bus’….or ‘off the bus’. i know it’s what ya’ll are thinking…i’m just writing it down. get on the bus…we have a lot more fun!

xxxxxxx – erin

About Erin Smith Art

growing up in a suburb outside of chicago was life till 18. pretty much the same as ferris bueller’s day out. (well, you know….) spent a lot of time in the art room in middle and high school…then college made it all serious and sucked the fun out of it. graduating with a bachelor of environmental design and a minor in creative writing from the university of colorado, boulder, erin stayed in the area and worked for a local architecture firm for 7 years. then she said ‘this sucks’ and rode her bike thru europe for a while (quite a while..) came back to the states and went back to her roots. waiting tables. with this career change came the drudgery of mandatory wine tastings 2 or 3 times a week. erin found herself getting the giggles in these very serious wine ‘meetings’ because of the wine reviews and terms being thrown around…and because of this, her mixed media designs incorporating actual wine labels with paint and ephemera and written prose (making fun of wine reviews and uptight wine drinkers in general) started to debut inside the atlanta perimeter at every art and wine show imaginable. she became bored…her grandmother became ill. while visiting for one last time in charlottesville, va, her grandmother handed over all of the family photo albums. erin returned to atlanta and started scanning the family photos…and the wondrous greeting card line that is erin smith art was born. “i like to think that it’s everything my grandmother would have loved to have said and never did” says erin referring to the prose in the artwork.

‘the woman was a saint. i love the juxtaposition of the sweet family faces from the photographs incorporated with the snarky verse. just makes me laugh. if someone else gets it?….well, that’s just an added bonus!”

people did get it. starting her wholesale business in 2007 providing cards and handmade wall art has turned into a full time life of sharing the love and laughter. erin made the hard decision years ago to do it her way…keep it handmade, her entire wholesale offering all made in the usa, local artisans contributing with her hand poured candles and local printing using recycled product. does this amount to a higher price point? it does. she thinks we are all so worth it.

welcome to

erin smith art

an Atlanta artist, mom, dog walker, short order cook, etc. etc.

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