melty cheese. God is in the details.

national grilled cheese day. so many options….but I choose apples. Perhaps more fall than spring like, but I decided I didn’t give a damn. I didn’t give many damns…as I went ahead and did THREE different sandwiches. yum. I visited the farmers market this a.m. and had so many options. Here’s what won.

Ended up with royal gala, Pacific rose, green granny smith, and an Asian pear. other goodies I picked up along the way:

 French Brie with green granny smith on French Batard bread with caramel and sea salt. This is a sweet & savory sandwich, that while fabulous warm, would be freaking amazeballs served cold packed in a travel lunch or happy hour somewhere with some sparkling white wine. yes please.  I think i’ll pack this for future tailgating pre concert…I don’t know..sometime coming up that may or may not involve dave Matthews?!

This one I took advantage of the Pacific Rose apples and spread the bread with the spicy Chipolte mustard, the brie and did a little arugula salad on the side. Nice HOT bite to it! I think this would be perfect to make in small bite sized sammies for a brunch or as a heavy appetizer, served over the arugula. just sayin.

 The third and final was fantastical. I used the French brie and bread, spread both sides lightly with the Lemon Pear Marmalade, just a HINT of the Chipolte mustard, and used thin sliced Asian Apple Pear and the arugula.  I served a Tomato Basil soup on the side that was perfect for dipping.  I can’t wait until it rains to go back to this one!!!

Anyway…this was fun. I have grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone I know for the next week, but it was a brainstorm of goodness.  Hope you enjoyed…have a great weekend! xxoxo, e

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