ooops. i accidently bought a house.

yes. I did. people have said ‘what? how can you accidentially buy a house?’

well, if you’re not looking, and you happen to look, and the house is on short sale, and you don’t feel like you can’t NOT make an offer..and then said offer is acceptd in an hour and a half? well. you accidentally bought a house.

Go for it Girl day was back in October. I’ve never been one of those people that needs any extra encouragement on most things. I finally decide I have to have a new car? I have one in my driveway a couple hours later. I want to sell wholesale art? I book 7 shows and buy plane tickets and BAM. I tend to figure out the details later. I’ve never thought of money as an obstacle..if something is not supposed to work out then I feel it won’t. Things do usually work out for me I’ve found because I usually don’t put failure into part of the equation. I just do it.

The day I made the offer on the house and it was accepted, I realized that I was supposed to bloog that day…and it just happened to be ‘go for it girl’ day. I didn’t bloog. I figured that I had gone for it without any encouragement, and if I were to write about it before I had signed my life away I may jinx something….and I was going to get this house!

well. I did. my husband hadn’t seen it, we hadn’t discussed it…and yet, 30 days later BAM. house. With everything in it down to the beds and silverware and pictures on the walls, and everything around it including the rotted roof and bad drainage and poor exterior layout. BAM. house.

It’s on an island – not on the water, but I can see the ocean in one direction and the bay in the other. The location is great, it has a pool, it has great rental potential.

It looked like Jimmy Buffet’s head exploded inside. Orange walls and yellow walls and neon green walls and blue walls. Hula skirt valances and every wall covered with pictures of parrots and palms and every wooden sign pertaining to the beach known to man that you can buy at hobby lobby…bright red couches with palm frond print and bedspreads filled with a cacophony of colors and shells and fish. Bobble head flamingos and lighthouse collections and wooden fish and metal fish and trays with painted fish. And parrots. a four foot tall parrot, and several smaller parrots that were structures in and of themselves.

it was the least relaxing place on earth. I started having to write ‘breathe’ on my left forearm daily just so I wouldn’t hyperventilate in such an environment.

I stripped it. completely. every little tschotske gone. WHITE paint on ALL the walls. Covered existing tile, replaced neon light fixtures. Had a new deck stair installed so you didn’t have to trek around the house to get to the pool….built a fantastical outdoor shower. How could there not be an outdoor shower but they had a 4′ parrot???

Anyway. Go for it Girl Day? ha. I’m pretty sure that’s everyday…as far as i’m concerned. my poor husband. No. He’s really not speaking to me yet…. <sigh>

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  • Bridgetbryan

    You will grow to love St George Island!! East Point, which is the town you must venture through in order to get to the island will most likely be a fire starter for you (humorous, yet a shit hole. Aka. Grit water)!!Enjoy the area! My home is just 25 miles west in Port St. Joe.

  • Stephanie Rowe

    Love it!! You’ve done amazing things with this house. And unless the world explodes, its not a bad investment. (From my oh-so-professional point of view.) I bet your boys adore visiting!