you’re not the boss of me…

I understand that there are varying levels of wrong. Sometimes shit happens that is just so overwhelming you need to embrace it to really understand it. This means, to me, eyes wide open. Who is in control of you? of your happiness? of your grief? of your cleansing tears? of your anger and hate and rage? you are. This took me a really really really really really long time to acknowledge…that no one else is responsible for me.

Does small little shit upset us sometimes? yes. Should it? Probably not. When something devastating happens in your life you will recognize it. The level of devastation is up to you. Are you going to freak out because you spilled your coffee? Are you going to loose your shit because you’re running late? Are you in disbelief because you went away for the weekend and one of your friends drowned? These are all things that we have absolutely no control over – the coffee spilled, it’s done. You’re late, all the hurrying up in the world isn’t going to change it now. Drowned? What??  All those adages that people say, ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ (thanks Nietzsche..gah). ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’…(it’s ALL small stuff…this part is bullshit…it’s all perspective!)

Where is this rambling going you may ask…well, ‘get over it’ is a part of our daily lives.

Some things I don’t want to get over. I want to put them in my pocket where I will always know where they are and keep them close.

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