New digs for ESArt.

so. i’m a little compulsive. OK OK OK. i’m ALOT compulsive (and that’s the least of my problems!).

After returning home from the winter trades in February we were fantasmastically extremely busy (WOOT!!!) ..and were still working out of mycarriage house garage. Really. 5 of us. and a dog. and my kids coming and going. :) Thankfully we have a wonderful printer that warehouses the majority of our current (200,000??) card inventory for us. But seriously…someone was going to fucking hurt themselves. tripping over boxes and waiting for people to pass and it was loud and no one could concentrate and there wasn’t enough room and it pretty much was sucking big time!

On a Tuesday i said ‘this  is bullshit we need to start looking for a place to move’..on wed we saw something, on thurs a.m. we looked at it…on Monday we had the keys. Yup. that’s how I roll.  :)

Here’s (finally!) some picks of our new Erin Smith Art digs..


well, I’m currently renovating the old studio into a home office/whatever room. I’ll have to post pics now of the ‘before’ and ‘after’. I’m just sayin…we moved from 500 square feet into 2500 square feet and filled the place up. I have no idea where the hell everything was. it just was. :)

cheers, e

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  • CC

    And despite that “This is NOT DEKALB MUSIC” sign, there are at least three knocks a week… “you sure this isn’t Dekalb Music?”

    This new space is GLORIOUS, and makes it even easier for us to serve you. Customer-inspired Erin Smith ARt interpretive dances choreographed daily by one Miss Dede Andrews.

  • Jane McCoy Reding

    I will be dropping by the next time I am in Decatur, you might not let me in, but I WILL be dropping by. Still looking for 1X tees for ME!