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birthday sale!!

20% off bday celebration at www.  promo code birfday20    (Retail orders only) have a great day!! I plan to  It’s my birthday…it’s my birthday! My girl Liz made me this beauteous Irish Car bomb birthday cake. It has chocolate stout, Jack Daniels, and BAILEYS. can I get a WOOT UP IN HERE?! she also [...]
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ooops. i accidently bought a house.

yes. I did. people have said ‘what? how can you accidentially buy a house?’ well, if you’re not looking, and you happen to look, and the house is on short sale, and you don’t feel like you can’t NOT make an offer..and then said offer is acceptd in an hour and a half? well. you [...]
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you’re not the boss of me…

I understand that there are varying levels of wrong. Sometimes shit happens that is just so overwhelming you need to embrace it to really understand it. This means, to me, eyes wide open. Who is in control of you? of your happiness? of your grief? of your cleansing tears? of your anger and hate and [...]
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i want you to be happy. really. slut.

Feeling happy: happy, glad, alive, pleased, content, satisfied, contented, cheerful, carefree, exuberant…. I find it interesting that one of the words listed as a synonym for ‘happy’ is alive. That’s all. just interesting. Anyway…happy medium, trigger-happy, happy-g0-lucky, happy camper, happy birthday, the happy event, many happy returns, as happy as a clam, a happy hunting [...]
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