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why? yes, why. I have no idea WHY. WHY does there need to be a ‘make a hat’ day? sigh. However, in looking up paper (I don’t know why but I choose to stick with paper today…) I found some unbelievably amazingly COOL hats. If you actually end up making one of these (um, yeah…no [...]
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fortune cookies…why do we love them so?

A couple of years ago I decided that a fun way to give a little thanks in our packaging would be to include a fortune cookie. Not just ANY fortune cookie mind you…a custom erin smith art fortune cookie with one of my sayings of course! Well, as with so many good things..I was before [...]
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i personally don’t think chocolate belongs in a shake..but if you have to…

Don’t get me wrong..i love me some chocolate. However, on this, National Chocolate Milk Shake Day…I have to admit that chocolate for me is about texture. I feel a chocolate shake just wastes that. SIMMER DOWN now! I’m not a’s just personal. This little milkshake bit I found is pretty hysterical though…I love that [...]
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