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money honey

ok. so i know i was supposed to do this yesterday, since that is the official day of my birth…but you know. St Pat’s day can turn into a late night and then again a slow morning and then i had to get a massage and then it was raining and i went to a [...]
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it takes a village

so. you know those neighbors that you never see? the ones that park in front of your house and block the mailbox so the mailman leaves nasty notes under the windshield wipers threatening to not deliver your mail? the ones that you have no idea what it is that they do other than what the [...]
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bizarre planting

this came thru my email from Terrain this a.m. I love me some Terrain..don’t get me wrong..but every now and then? just sayin.  This would be my ‘before’ picture on pinterest prior to the mudbath on my floor and the after ‘nailed it’ picture… “ Inspired by the Japanese bonsai tradition of kokedama, we created this easy [...]
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