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a national day of celebration…for coffee and alcohol. mmmmm….!

So, i don’t know about you, but when i stop into the liquor store it’s usually for something specific. A bottle of wine? vodka? spiced rum for some holiday hot tubbing? Anyway..Kahlua is usually stocked in the bar somewhere, but is typically not a ‘go to’ drink for me. However, in honor of National Kahlua Day [...]
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WHY is there a National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day??

This was my main fascination with this day. Why? do we really NEED a crab stuffed flounder day…seriously. WTF?  Well, let me tell you…there is no plausible explanation for why this exists..other than someone decreed it so. Someone that didn’t document anything because they didn’t want anyone, ever, to be able to let the flounder trail [...]
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Happy New Year…again…

So..what’s the deal with the Chinese New Year? On New Years Eve I’ve always loved turning on the TV and being able to see the exact moment of “happy new year!” in different countries around the world and know that it was heading our way. I never really thought about a country being, screw you [...]
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Art from the Heart

ok. i know. i seriously have a lot to say on this subject…and a ton of pictures i’d like to post. however…instead of writing i went out with the girls last night instead…so, you’re going to have to wait on this one.
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