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so. chocolate cake day? what the hell? if it has to do with chocolate you’d at least think it would be valentine’s day…but no…someone, somewhere, invented another day to have a fake holiday!! woo hoo…CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! excellent. (sinister finger tapping here..) i like chocolate. i’m not a CRAZY OHMYGODIMUSTHAVECHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW person…in fact, i’m pretty [...]
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and she said ‘GO FORTH AND MAKE ART’..and it was done.

This week marks a HUGE milestone for me. Seven years ago I established Erin Smith Art as a wholesale entity and put myself out there to be flayed. or fawned over.  One thing that happened that week, during my very first wholesale gift show that I’ll never forget was a woman that came up to [...]
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a whole new world..a dazzling place i never knew

i don’t know about ya’ll..but i find myself singing very loudly, usually in a falsetto.. ‘it’s a whole new world’ ..the first line from that song in Aladdin. I don’t know the rest of it..i had to google that for the title post. Regardless..that’s how i’m feeling this morning..this first day of 2013. Why you [...]
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