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congratulations graduate!

‘mom, why does that car have “senior” written across the back of it?’ —–because that person is graduating from high school and is celebrating and letting everyone know it. ‘how do you know? maybe it’s an old person that wants to warn the people behind them?’ —–um, yes…..
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from the hands of babes

i don’t think my children have ever actually ‘gotten’ me anything for Mother’s day. They’re still young, well, 10 & 12…so it’s not like they’re heading off to Macy’s and buying some prebasketed gift crap. They usually make some cards, some paper know. They don’t get dragged to many outdoor art festivals any more.  [...]
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thank goodness we moved so we have room for new crap…

i don’t know that anyone has noticed particularly..but we have added a crap ton of liscensed stuff to our website.  why now? well, i got a bee in my bonnet in february as i almost tripped over 19 boxes and ping ponged off 2 people and went headfirst into a card rack. and that has [...]
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