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another season all wrapped up…or, don’t make me punch you in front of your kid…

what’s the deal with the psychotic sideline parents? Really…REALLY???  You have to be removed so you can ONLY sit in the outfield? You’re on the bleachers screaming instructions….FOR EVERY pitch?? You’re really going to get into an argument with the field umpires? Really???  You don’t notice that your kid cringes every time you open your [...]
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New York…again!

it’s always sooo exciting to show up at a show and find out that YES!! YOUR FREIGHT HAS ACTUALLY MADE IT THERE! And so begins the slooowww process of set up. We change up our display each season, so this was a first time set up for this one.  We got a LOT of great [...]
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oh Barbie…

i don’t know why i get the mail i do…it just shows up and i’m left pondering how i could have possibly gotten on their list. This came on Thursday, a catalog called ‘Barbie, Plastic Collection.’ Don’t get me wrong..i LUVVED me some Barbie. I had everything… 3 story dream house, airplane, cruise ship, corvette, [...]
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“it’s for the Childrrreeeenn! – or, the season of live auctions…

ah. the season of school fundraiser auctions is upon us. the premise here is to provide a fun evening for parents and get em’ liquored up enough to spend hundreds of dollars on something their own child drew/made/created…that probably would hit their recycling bin at home. This is obviously a dumbed down version, but in [...]
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