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who has time for originals? not me…but guess what?!!

I’m down to ONE RETAIL show a year. THIS IS IT.  I really really ..ok, REALLY, felt the need to throw out some originals for Inman Park.  A knee jerk reaction to not getting into Decatur?…probably. don’t care. (obviously i do..but, grind teeth now..)    There are about 10 of em’.  ONLY available this weekend, [...]
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my heart is finally beating normally again…3 days later COCHON 555 is a competition featuring 5 CHEFS, 5 PIGS and 5 WINEMAKERS. The event serves as a link to preserving heritage breed pigs by promoting breed diversity in the national community. In 2009, the coast-to-coast tour connected ranchers raising heritage breeds with top chefs known for whole animal utilization.  Guests poured into each [...]
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when your art is slapped on a know you’ve FINALLY made it!

here’s a rough mock up of what’s to come!  you know. i’ve always said i couldn’t make this shit up…i just write it down. well hell – the liscenses are falling from the sky this week..have signed one and am negotiating the other.  Lucky street will be introducing a whole bunch 0′erinsmithart crap. Nothing better [...]
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UPS now provides rocketships for 1 hour deliveries from Atlanta to Australia!

My dog, as many generations before him, and after, LOATHES the UPS truck. If you ever called the studio and had to wait for us to continue a sentence because the dog was losing his mind..yeah…um, UPS. Not only do we have daily pick up, but we’re in a residential neighborhood…so UPS DROPS stuff to us [...]
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2010 liquor revenues, or ‘how to save your liver in 90 days’

As a business owner i know how crutial every customer is..and when sales are low, and you’re not sure why….well? i would like to publicly apologize to my favorite in town liquor store. The one i frequent. The one that my kids prefer because he gives them lollypops. The one that stashes my favorite wine [...]
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spring break

returned to Atlanta to a 5,000 pollen count! um.., yes, not a typo. been pretty much in a fog since returning. Kids are fully enmeshed in the ritualistic CRCT testing at school. CANNOT find my desk due to the masses of piles of papers. Always seems so crazy a few weeks before a show…have to [...]
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