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shout outs..

My new obsession is Garden & Gun magazine. really. i mean come their own admission they’re the ‘Soul of the New South’! This month features Oysters. mmmmm. Heading to the gulf for spring break with the kiddos on Saturday and cutting out receipes. i can’t eat em’ raw ALL THE TIME. There was also [...]
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Life’s too short to be a dumbass. Just sayin’. Random thought for the day: With the vast number of years restaurant experience I have, I know that hard boiled eggs are available already peeled in vacuum packed bags. Is there a person that peels all of these eggs??..or is it mechanically done? hmmmm. this is [...]
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i knew we were all princesses!!

no time to write today..getting out a big ole order for Uncommon Goods, but definetely wanted to pass this along for those that haven’t seen it. AMAZING and BRILLIANT. perfect description for a princess… while some of her critics have grossly overanalyzed the content of the photos, much like a womens studies class gone horribly [...]
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oh, you have been so wronged chocolate milk..

so, apparently chocolate milk is no longer available in our city schools. I’m not sure if this is statewide, county wide, or just our city (which likes to hold it’s head high and strut around whenever possible..). If I truly cared, i could obviously do a quick little search and have the answer, but, ah..whatever. [...]
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LA…in a nutshell

Despite my friend Jim in LA..which was, I think…one of the only redeeming things from my trip to the winter is how I passed my time at the California Gift Fair in January. Our winter layout…(at our second booth..the real one was in Dallas!) and new products released from Inviting Company in New York. [...]
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let them eat green cake

ah. St Patricks Day has always been the introduction to none other than my birthday. growing up my mom ALWAYS made me a kelly green birthday cake. really mom? really??? As I became of drinking age (and some years before that i’m positive), it was always an excuse…celebrate st pats and then sashay right on [...]
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showing the love…

the Decatur Arts Festival can bite me…(ok, now i admit to being angry!..and that whole ‘if you can’t say anything nice’ thing is for people with more control than i..) 11:00 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sat & Sun “During the last full weekend in April each year, Inman Park proudly presents a neighborhood festival widely [...]
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a whole new category of fuck.

i’m referencing a previous post here so bear with me… May 2007 so…i just had the most successfull 14 hours selling art EVER  - more money than i’ve ever held in my sweaty ourdoor artist market i’ll have another drink while people come in my tent for hours on end thinking they’re saying clever things [...]
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