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it’s the top ten books challenge!

As soon as the ALS ice bucket challenge seemed to die down a bit, it seems like the top ten books challenge popped up in its place. I have absolutely NO problem with this, as I’m always looking for new books to read…or recommendations of things that I should re-read. The rules of this “challenge” [...]
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happiness….happens? Do you wait for happiness to come to you…or are you one of those people that go out and search for it? I’ve noticed lately that it’s little things that put a smile on my face – like letting someone into crazy shitballs traffic…or secretly listening to my kids conversations…or having a really really [...]
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birthday sale!!

20% off bday celebration at www.  promo code birfday20    (Retail orders only) have a great day!! I plan to  It’s my birthday…it’s my birthday! My girl Liz made me this beauteous Irish Car bomb birthday cake. It has chocolate stout, Jack Daniels, and BAILEYS. can I get a WOOT UP IN HERE?! she also [...]
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Inspire your heart with art

When I turn left every morning out of my neighborhood and head to the studio there’s an electrical pole. What makes this pole different from the other hundreds of poles we all pass daily is that someone has taken a pallet, broken it apart, painted each board a different color, and written ‘make someone smile [...]
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fortune cookies…why do we love them so?

A couple of years ago I decided that a fun way to give a little thanks in our packaging would be to include a fortune cookie. Not just ANY fortune cookie mind you…a custom erin smith art fortune cookie with one of my sayings of course! Well, as with so many good things..I was before [...]
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Every now and again I have to be reminded of the bigger picture. It’s not only easy, but expected I guess.., to get wrapped up in your own shit. I’ve been feeling a breakdown coming on for awhile now and I completely lost it this morning. For those of you that follow my social media [...]
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money honey

ok. so i know i was supposed to do this yesterday, since that is the official day of my birth…but you know. St Pat’s day can turn into a late night and then again a slow morning and then i had to get a massage and then it was raining and i went to a [...]
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from the hands of babes

i don’t think my children have ever actually ‘gotten’ me anything for Mother’s day. They’re still young, well, 10 & 12…so it’s not like they’re heading off to Macy’s and buying some prebasketed gift crap. They usually make some cards, some paper know. They don’t get dragged to many outdoor art festivals any more.  [...]
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thank goodness we moved so we have room for new crap…

i don’t know that anyone has noticed particularly..but we have added a crap ton of liscensed stuff to our website.  why now? well, i got a bee in my bonnet in february as i almost tripped over 19 boxes and ping ponged off 2 people and went headfirst into a card rack. and that has [...]
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i knew we were all princesses!!

no time to write today..getting out a big ole order for Uncommon Goods, but definetely wanted to pass this along for those that haven’t seen it. AMAZING and BRILLIANT. perfect description for a princess… while some of her critics have grossly overanalyzed the content of the photos, much like a womens studies class gone horribly [...]
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