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birthday sale!!

20% off bday celebration at www.  promo code birfday20    (Retail orders only) have a great day!! I plan to  It’s my birthday…it’s my birthday! My girl Liz made me this beauteous Irish Car bomb birthday cake. It has chocolate stout, Jack Daniels, and BAILEYS. can I get a WOOT UP IN HERE?! she also [...]
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i want you to be happy. really. slut.

Feeling happy: happy, glad, alive, pleased, content, satisfied, contented, cheerful, carefree, exuberant…. I find it interesting that one of the words listed as a synonym for ‘happy’ is alive. That’s all. just interesting. Anyway…happy medium, trigger-happy, happy-g0-lucky, happy camper, happy birthday, the happy event, many happy returns, as happy as a clam, a happy hunting [...]
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kahlua. nuff said.

I cannot even begin to describe the level of pissed my youngest was when he found that I was making Kahlua frosting for the chocolate cupcakes I baked. I always forget about Kahlua. for good reason I guess…last time I drank it was in white Russians at the Dance All Night Girls Only party my [...]
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japanese stocks jump…but other markets flounder

I was going to say something witty and informative about flounder…the fish..but today’s google brought me the above headline. so there you go. I love to cook. I do. Here comes the however. However, I’m really fucking lazy and just like everything else in my life, unless I have to be somewhere and bring something, [...]
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on running around wearing a mustache and a sombrero

“Cinco de Mayo or 5th of May is a Mexican holiday celebrating the victory of the Mexican army over the French army in the battle of Puebla on the 5th of May 1862….. as a Mexican I find it very flattering and intriguing that this holiday is celebrated by so many people around the world…….To [...]
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when nothing else will do

today is national grilled cheese day. why? exactly. but hell. it’s grilled cheese so who cares. check some of this shit out…. this comes to us from our friends at BS’ in the kitchen (because everyone needs a little BS in their lives). genius! I’m so pissed I didn’t think of it myself. Recipe type: Grilled [...]
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a national day of celebration…for coffee and alcohol. mmmmm….!

So, i don’t know about you, but when i stop into the liquor store it’s usually for something specific. A bottle of wine? vodka? spiced rum for some holiday hot tubbing? Anyway..Kahlua is usually stocked in the bar somewhere, but is typically not a ‘go to’ drink for me. However, in honor of National Kahlua Day [...]
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Art from the Heart

ok. i know. i seriously have a lot to say on this subject…and a ton of pictures i’d like to post. however…instead of writing i went out with the girls last night instead…so, you’re going to have to wait on this one.
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a whole new world..a dazzling place i never knew

i don’t know about ya’ll..but i find myself singing very loudly, usually in a falsetto.. ‘it’s a whole new world’ ..the first line from that song in Aladdin. I don’t know the rest of it..i had to google that for the title post. Regardless..that’s how i’m feeling this morning..this first day of 2013. Why you [...]
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from the hands of babes

i don’t think my children have ever actually ‘gotten’ me anything for Mother’s day. They’re still young, well, 10 & 12…so it’s not like they’re heading off to Macy’s and buying some prebasketed gift crap. They usually make some cards, some paper know. They don’t get dragged to many outdoor art festivals any more.  [...]
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