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happiness….happens? Do you wait for happiness to come to you…or are you one of those people that go out and search for it? I’ve noticed lately that it’s little things that put a smile on my face – like letting someone into crazy shitballs traffic…or secretly listening to my kids conversations…or having a really really [...]
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melty cheese. God is in the details.

national grilled cheese day. so many options….but I choose apples. Perhaps more fall than spring like, but I decided I didn’t give a damn. I didn’t give many damns…as I went ahead and did THREE different sandwiches. yum. I visited the farmers market this a.m. and had so many options. Here’s what won. Ended up [...]
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if you give a damn you’ll put a bird on it

ok. so I didn’t really DRAW a picture of a bird…but you know. all in the erin smith art way of things.
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birthday sale!!

20% off bday celebration at www.  promo code birfday20    (Retail orders only) have a great day!! I plan to  It’s my birthday…it’s my birthday! My girl Liz made me this beauteous Irish Car bomb birthday cake. It has chocolate stout, Jack Daniels, and BAILEYS. can I get a WOOT UP IN HERE?! she also [...]
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i want you to be happy. really. slut.

Feeling happy: happy, glad, alive, pleased, content, satisfied, contented, cheerful, carefree, exuberant…. I find it interesting that one of the words listed as a synonym for ‘happy’ is alive. That’s all. just interesting. Anyway…happy medium, trigger-happy, happy-g0-lucky, happy camper, happy birthday, the happy event, many happy returns, as happy as a clam, a happy hunting [...]
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this one time…at band camp….

I must admit, that when I made LAST YEARS 2013 calendar I was pretty pumped about writing something for ‘Tell A Fairy Tale Day”. Well. yeah. That didn’t happen. Sooo, I included it again on this year’s 2014 calendar with the firm belief that YES. I can do it! Have you ever tried to write [...]
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fortune cookies…why do we love them so?

A couple of years ago I decided that a fun way to give a little thanks in our packaging would be to include a fortune cookie. Not just ANY fortune cookie mind you…a custom erin smith art fortune cookie with one of my sayings of course! Well, as with so many good things..I was before [...]
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All or NOTHING day..

yes. this was yesterday. I’ve been paralyzed in my writing the last two months. all or nothing? I love that one of you sent me an email and called me out on my bullshit…wondering if your ‘computer was broke’ or something like that because you couldn’t find the posts that corresponded to my calendar. nope. [...]
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money honey

ok. so i know i was supposed to do this yesterday, since that is the official day of my birth…but you know. St Pat’s day can turn into a late night and then again a slow morning and then i had to get a massage and then it was raining and i went to a [...]
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Art from the Heart

ok. i know. i seriously have a lot to say on this subject…and a ton of pictures i’d like to post. however…instead of writing i went out with the girls last night instead…so, you’re going to have to wait on this one.
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